Seth Godin On BeingListen to Seth Godin’s interview here.

I love how he ends — I won’t quote word for word, but here’s the quick summary, with some of the exact words…

Parents are pushed to make the choice – keep their kids out of the connected world & keep them “safe” or put them into the world and all hell with break loose. That’s what they are talking about at PTA meetings.

But that’s not the real choice.

Everyone is in the world now, everyone is connected…

Given that they are in the world, what trail are they going to leave? What mark? Are they doing it because they understand their role as a contributor to society starts when they are 10 (not 24).

There is no off duty and on duty.

Life is life. Live it like people are looking at you, because they are.

We trust them to be bigger than they can be because they choose to be bigger.

What everyone wants to do is “lock them up” until it’s time.

The bravest thing to do is have these free range kids who are exploring their universe. But doing it in a way they are proud of, not hiding from.

Are you contributing?

[H/T Jodi Ettenberg]