is pleased to be a sponsoring partner for the Month of Microfinance – which takes place throughout the month of April.

What exactly is Month of Microfinance?

WHAT: Month of Educational, Awareness and Fundraising events for Client-Centered Microfinance

WHEN: April 1 – April 30, 2013

WHERE: Everywhere

WHY: We are a low-budget (correct that, no-budget) grassroots movement of student organizations with a passion for microfinance and an intense commitment to learning.

HOW: Take 3 Steps

  • Learn about Client-Centered Microfinance
  • Act in support of Client-Centered Microfinance
  • Grow the Client-Centered Microfinance Movement

We’ll be posting a couple more times about the initiative in the coming weeks. Learn more about it here.

Update 4/16: To help us achieve our goal of bringing microfinance advocates together in person:

  1. Sign up
  2. Check in to your current city
  3. Fill in a few details in your profile
  4. Take a look at other microfinance advocates here (the nearest ones at the top of the list

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