I’m headed to the Big Apple this coming Sunday night on a redeye to spend a week. I specifically chose a redeye so that I didn’t miss the Seahawks play-off game this coming Sunday in the event they beat the Redskins. Turns out I made a wise choice, as they did indeed beat the Redskins and on Sunday thus are playing the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

Why am I going to New York?

Aside from the fact that I still want to move there, I’m going to see some old real estate friends (& a few new ones) in town for the Real Estate Connect conference, attend RE BarCamp NY, meet a few travel bloggers & an up-and-coming consultant/blogger, and talk to a several potential investors for Oh Hey World. I’ll be in town until at least the 22nd, so let me know if you’ll be passing through the city that week!

For those interested parties, here’s a bit of a history lesson about New York with video footage from 1949. Enjoy!

Click here to view the embedded video.

[Video H/T to Nicole Beauchamp on Facebook]

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