All my content from my various blogs ends up on this blog, with the exception for the content I post on Geek Estate (even though I post more there than anywhere else). Why? I figure if you’re in the real estate industry and want to read my real estate content, you are following Geek Estate in addition to this one. That said, some posts from Geek Estate are worth sharing here — for instance, the Real Estate Doers Make a Difference post I just published. The gist of it is a holiday fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity, with a conservative goal of raising $2,500 ($20 x 125) — though I’d like to shoot for $5,000 ($20 x 250). I’d like it to remain at least a yearly fundraiser, along the lines of Passports with Purpose.

I’m cognizant of the fact I’m blessed with an amazing surrounding cast in my life. Taryn is in that small circle alluded to here — and this initiative never would have seen the light of day without her telling me about the 26 acts of kindness campaign (Facebook page) and pushing me to take part. Further, it never would have come to fruition without such supportive friends like Ines and Lori. Thank you to all three of you.

Now, I ask that you…

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