I was reading Kiva’s blog the other day, and came across this post about accelerator programs. It lists a few accelerator programs in the social good space:

Even before I read Blake Mycoskie’s Start Something that Matters, I firmly believed social business is the future of commerce. As companies look to distinguish themselves from their competition — social good is a good indicator that a company is in it for the long haul and aren’t simply looking to pad their bottom line. I believe the general population would rather do business with a socially conscious corporation if given the choice, price and convenience being equal.

About a year ago, I contemplated applying to the Unreasonable Institute prior to narrowing in on the idea for the current travel startup I’m working on, Oh Hey World.

Given that I ultimately want to end up doing Venture Capital for social entrepreneurs down the line, social good incubators are a space I’ll be following closely over the next decade.