Published Date: September 7, 2012

My friend and I spent a few hours last night watching the speeches of Obama and Biden from the Democratic Convention. They were good. Really good. Obama continues to amaze me as a public speaker. Biden is personal with a good message, though certainly doesn’t quite have Obama’s charisma (no one does).

Then we decided to watch the videos from Ryan and Romney from last week’s Republican Convention to see how they compared. In short, they were beyond sad. I came away feeling like they have no real vision for what this country will look like in 4 years. At least, they didn’t articulate a vision I could understand. I don’t think I took a thing away from Ryan’s speech; it was bland and hard to follow. Both focused more on telling their life stories than telling me anything about specifics of what they would do in office.

I seriously hate the word “deserve”. Yet in Mitt Romney’s speech, he had multiple “We deserve better” references in the first quarter of his speech. That’s a load of crap. We don’t deserve a damn thing. Want something more than you have? Go out and get it. PERIOD. If Romney continues on the “we deserve better” messaging throughout this campaign, boy, I sure feel sorry for him and the people that end up voting for him. Thinking you are entitled to a better life just because is sure a shitty mindset – he, and the voters, need to realize how privileged they already are.

After watching the speeches of Obama, Biden, Ryan, and Romney — the Republicans are so far outmatched in terms of public speaking ability it’s not even funny. When do the debates start? Romney and Ryan are going to get destroyed.

Here are the speeches for those who want to watch:

Barack Obama

Joe Biden

Mitt Romney

Paul Ryan