I’ll be honest. I’ve been wanting to go to Burning Man for about 5 years now. But I’ve never made it a priority to actually attend.

Until now.

Most of the entrepreneurs at Startup Abroad are from San Francisco. So naturally Burning Man has been a topic of discussion since it starts this week and many of their friends are attending. One entrepreneur in the crew, Scott Mcleod (who happens to have grown up in the same city as me), is flying back to San Francisco on the 28th, and leaving for Burning Man the morning of the 29th.

We spent a ton of time talking the other night, and of course one of the topics we discussed was his expectations for his first Burning Man experience.

Over the course of the past few days, I put a few feelers out to people I know in San Francisco, a really good friend from Seattle who has gone the last two years & is attending again this year, and asked the burners in the Startup Abroad crew a bunch of questions — and a few days later, I’m going to Burning Man for the first time.

I literally just wrote about the thrill of buying plane tickets a few days ago. Little did I know, a mere 3 days later, I would end up taking the plunge on a new life path and buying a one-way ticket across the Pacific (I just did the exact same thing in April) for my next epic adventure.

This time around, it cost me $921 to cross the Pacific.

You only live once.

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