Loved this takeaway from Joel Runyon’s post:

Live A Good Story

A couple people told me I made up the story. I didn’t.

A couple people lamented that Russel was bragging. He wasn’t.

I’ve said from the beginning – do something worth writing about…then WRITE ABOUT IT. People love good stories and you’re not bragging if you’re simply relaying facts of what happened.

If other people get offended by your stories, then maybe they need to step up their story. If you’re bored with life, try living a better story yourself, rather than trying to have other people live worse ones.

LifeTip: If someone’s accomplishments make you feel small, there’s two things you can do. You can get mad and angry about it and let it make you feel really insecure OR you can use it as a challenge and inspiration to do something yourself and step your own game up and start telling a better story yourself. I recommend the second option (after all, that’s why I started everything I’m doing).

Live a good story. Then don’t be afraid to tell people about it.

I’m getting sick of hearing those not living a good story bitch and moan about others who are. Why not focus on improving your own life rather than bringing down others? No one is forcing you to read the stories of those succeeding. Complaining isn’t getting you any closer to happiness.

Stop bitching.

Start doing.