Holy crap, when building a tech startup like Oh Hey World, there is a seemingly endless stream of items on my to-do list. Among the dozens of items on my mind right now:

  • Terms of Use document
  • Incorporation – C Corp in Delaware
  • Finding a technical co-founder/CTO
  • Recruiting the right developers
  • Finding & recruiting the right advisors
  • Privacy policy
  • Who are the right investors I should be speaking to?
  • What’s the right strategy to opening up the very small beta to the world?
  • Ensuring I’m focusing my time on the right thing
  • User experience – not letting a single subpar user scenario slip through the cracks
  • Which potential business partners should I reach out to pre launch?
  • Am I capturing all the feedback I’m gathering from conversations I’m having?
  • Is the 1st version of the MVP (minimal viable product) focused on the right use case?
  • Determining the best way to allocate shares to early team members
  • NDA & IP agreements
  • Making sure I don’t run out of money. While it’s considerably cheaper than it used to be to build a technology company, it’s still not cheap. If you are starting your own startup and self funding like I am, and see the flood gates of your bank account opening the way I do right now, you’re not alone.

Bottom line: There’s lots to do

Get going. Time is money. Do something.