A full head of hair in a hot climate is one of my least favorite things. A few days ago, I borrowed my AirBnB’s host’s clippers to buzz my own head for free only to find out they didn’t work anymore (darn). This afternoon, I got fed up with my sweaty hair and decided to brave the local barbershops and finally get it buzzed. “Cuantos cuesta?” (meaning how much does it cost) I asked the man in a barber shop right down the street from where I’m staying in Barcelona about an hour ago. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard “cuatro” (meaning 4). “Perfecto”.

About 10 minutes later, I walked out with a LOT less hair, as it’s been about 6 weeks since I’ve buzzed my head.

4 euro and a 1 euro tip, the equivalent of roughly 6.50 US dollars, is a bargain for a haircut anywhere in Europe in my mind. Not quite the sub $3 haircut in Cebu, Philippines, but I won’t complain since I was expecting it to be closer to 10 Euro.

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