Marc Davison at 1000Watt is easily one of my favorite authors on the web. He has a way with word unmatched by others. His latest post, It’s an amazing time to be a Realtor, is spot on in so many ways. He’s right. If, as a Realtor, you are good at what you do — you’ve never had anything to fear, have nothing to fear now, and will never fear anything in the future.

I left this comment, quoting one of his lines:

“The good Realtor never had anything to fear, and does not now.”

You’re right. Though I think this applies in every industry. If you’re good at what you do, now is a great time. Why? Because you’re smart, motivated, and serious and you’ll adapt, change, and prosper if the industry changes.

If you suck at what you do? Well, go find a line of work you don’t suck at and get your ass motivated to succeed. If you’re blaming environment factors or other people (who are out executing you), shut up, get off your ass, and go build your business regardless of what others are doing. No one is stopping you but yourself.

Lastly, remember, don’t be lazy. It’s not a valid excuse for failure.

  • anonymous

    and if you love doing what you’re good at, that in itself is a noble reward you can give to yourself …