Politics suck and I generally stay away from spending my computer time reading about it — but this political discussion has real depth and discussion. Not the surface level crap the media repeats over and over. And, no surprise, the discussion is at A VC.

One commenter brought up the fact that the current system is scarring away all the young individuals who may have otherwise been interested in politics.

100% agreed on that.

I seriously despise the current political process. All the talk about irrelevant shit that isn’t going to impact this country. All the bashing of candidates that occurs in the media. Honestly, it’s a joke. I want a system, and a candidate, that won’t bash candidates and actually proposes solutions for important issues like social security reform, healthcare, the tax system (it really should be simple), and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Anyway, if you want to read a thorough discussion (over 500 comments), head on over

PS: Yes, I would vote for Fred Wilson if he ran for President.