Life inevitably throws a few twists and turns throughout its course, and a random introduction can take you anywhere in the world. Literally.

While in San Francisco, I had a REALLY quick coffee with Jon Sterling and told him about the new travel startup I’m working on. He said, I know a girl you should talk to — she travels around and does online stuff. I’ll intro you.

A quick Twitter intro to Chelsea Rustrum led to a 30 minute phone call. We realized we both have very similar backgrounds in online marketing, community building, and social media. She told me about a project she was working on – Startup Abroad – a collaborative two week get together of founders working on amazing projects. Taking place in Bali mid August.

I instantly knew it was a gathering I’d love to attend. Smart, purposeful entrepreneurs who love to travel? Hang out in Bali for two weeks? Sign me up.

A few weeks later, I’ve sorted out my travel plans and finalized the decision to travel halfway across the world (I’m in Europe now) to Bali from August 14-28. I had planned to stay in Spain for most of the summer, but this opportunity was too good to pass up.

Suffice to say, I’m stoked. If you’re interested in joining the party, get your application in soon — there are only a few spots left.

Just goes to show you that you never know where that next introduction will take you in life. Embrace that fact and take every intro you can get.

[Update 7/24/2012: Here is more about the program and the 10 entrepreneurs attending]