From time to time, I get asked why I spend so much time traveling the globe. I’ve more or less been nomadic since early 2010 and my travels have certainly changed my life for the better. That said, I’m willing to make the tradeoffs in life required to live that lifestyle – at least until the right business opportunity or perfect girl comes along. But, deep down, why do I really travel so much? I know from posts like this it’s a question every long term traveler ponders from time to time.

There’s no simple answer.

But for me?

The draw to traveling is a mix of self discovery, exploration, and adventure. Just as every person on the planet has their own unique story to tell, each destination has its own story to tell, each encounter opens up a whole new world I didn’t even know existed prior to that moment in time. Even with that said, in the end, my motivation for traveling always goes back to people. I’ve met so many fascinating people abroad — both locals and other travelers — that have opened my eyes to the world around me in their own unique way. The world is a completely different place when viewed through the eyes of people all across the world. Each individual has their own beliefs on what constitutes a successful life. Blend all those together, add your own values & perspectives, and you have your own unique definition of life.

Is my answer perfect? Nope. But it’s all I have for now.

That’s why I travel. What about you?

I’ll leave you with this video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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