Every now and then (like today), I get asked “what exactly do you do?”. You see, everyone knows I work online and travel a lot — but not many people actually know the specifics around how I’ve funded my lifestyle the past few years.

My background is in business administration, and more specifically marketing since that’s what I did for 4 of the 5 years I worked at Zillow. While at Zillow, most of what I did fell under the online marketing umbrella — social media marketing, influencer marketing, customer service, search engine optimization (link building), and community building.

After leaving Zillow in 2010 and traveling for 8 months (and doing some consulting from abroad), I worked virtually for a year for Virtual Results, a WordPress design and development shop specializing in the real estate vertical. There, I did everything from product planning, sales, marketing, billing, project management, and customer service for the Agent Plus platform.

And now? I’m purposely choosing not to focus on making money and largely living off some of my Zillow stock money while I work on a new web startup in the travel vertical.

That said, what type of work would I be interested in now?

  1. Have a technology product you are looking to get into the hands of real estate agents? Advertising on Geek Estate is certainly a viable option.
  2. Custom WordPress websites – If you’re looking for a professionally built website, and willing to pay the price (nothing less than 2k) to get something great done, then ESM Exec Designs is a great option for you to consider.
  3. Social media, SEO, product or branding help – Please see the list of services offered by ESM Exec Designs.
  4. Want to help my beer fund? Donations accepted anytime you like — paypal: meyers dot drew at gmail.

Hope that helps clear the air. If not, please leave a specific comment with what I didn’t address and I’ll modify the post.

PS: I’m still looking for a project manager who wants to run ESM Exec Designs.

[Photo via http://www.betterbusinessgrowthfaster.com]