Every entrepreneur has different motives when they embark on the entrepreneurial journey to start a new company. Some do it strictly for the money. Others do it to change the world. Others focus intensely on solving a real world problem in their own lives. Some desire to build a legacy. Others just want to “create” something, then move on to the next project. Some just do it to prove that they can.

Regardless of the motives, starting a new company is a wild ride. I’ve always been entrepreneurial, but haven’t gone all in on my own “startup” until now (my vision is not yet 100% finalized to share). Why am I embarking on the journey?

I’d say I fall in the “change the world” camp. I want to build a long term brand that means something to millions and millions and millions of people. Money is great, but certainly not my primary motivator.

So, starting a company just to sell it early is not in my deck of cards.

What about you?

[photo via http://entreprenegro.wordpress.com]

  • I’m building something that I believe in and which, in a way – is a physical extension of my beliefs. So no.

    The world needs its share of products and services that are soley profit-driven. Im just not as interested in or as compelled by these things on a personal level.

    Change the world man. Rooting for you. Can’t wait to hear more.

  • The crazy ones who think they can change the world, are the ones who actually do 🙂