I just got this email from Kayak:

Title: Finding the right hotel room shouldn’t be a journey all by itself.

Body: Which is why we partnered with the experts to incorporate traveler reviews — including TripAdvisor’s unmatched content of millions of user reviews and opinions — into our hotel search. So now you can compare room rates from hundreds of travel sites at once. Then narrow your search results to show just the best hotels, as rated by actual guests.

We know a lot more goes into finding a good hotel than just the price. We think these new reviews and recommendations will make finding the right room easier than ever.

Try it right now and see what people are saying about hotels in your favorite destinations.

Maybe I’m wrong, but more is not always better. In fact, it’s often WORSE.

This is a mistake many online companies make. Why? Because more means more content — for Google to consume. And, likely, more traffic as a result.

But will the user experience get any better? Will those seeking hotels be any happier now that they have 500,000 MORE reviews (or whatever the number is) to sift through and filter out?