I can’t stress enough the importance of social objects — ie getting others to relate to you on some level beyond your professional work.

And Matt Kepnes just did that with this photo in his most recent post.

What’s the social object you might ask?

The ONE T-shirt he’s wearing.

You see, my friend Jerry Ostradicky and I started the ONE Seattle chapter back in 2007 (can’t remember the exact date) and remained involved for several years. I’ve moved on to other philanthropic interests (but glad to see the Seattle scene is still active), but ONE will always trigger memories of my time advocating for ONE.org.

Thanks to a single photo, whenever we do talk, ONE.org is a common interest that Matt and I share that will get us beyond “travel blogging” (which I’m sure he’s tired of talking about anyway).

How do you intersperse social objects into your writing?

Simple. Be personal and share yourself.

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