Hello Drew,

I came across your blog here ( several weeks ago as I was researching and writing for my most recent series of publications, which were conceived as complements focused on the state of graduate education — especially for PhD students (they collectively help form the resources at A few of these articles discuss things like developing advanced study skills and what life outside of academia is like for students with advanced degrees, as well as more targeted works like thesis writing tips.

The entirety of the web resource has been referenced by Columbia University (tips for writing theses), East Carolina University, Clemson University, and Princeton’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary biology, among a few others.

I think a blog post summing up the future of graduate education — and to be honest, just the future of education in general — could be of some value and interest to your readers. If you’re interested, I’d love to work with you on coming up with a guest blog post discussing this topic or another one related to education. What do you think?

I really look forward to hearing from you.

Sofia Rasmussen

I’m sorry Sofia — but “future of graduate education” is not a topic I’m going to cover on Geek Estate. If you had spent 10 seconds on the blog, you’d know that.

  • Uhh no kidding. I get about 5 of those per week. Does anyone actually take their bait? Must be a few naive bloggers out there that actually respond, or else they would all just stop sending those emails.

  • Andrew Mattie

    Hahaha, you DO realize that you were just part of a spam list and that these are 100% automated, right? You may not respond to them directly, but by giving them your most valuable resource (that is, time), the spam is still ultimately having the same effect on your life 🙂 I suppose however that I could also say the same thing about my response to your post about spam…

  • 🙂

  • Kai Pata

    i received a similar letter, and i think it is best to avoid if you find who is actual spammer and who is a colleague – there are still plenty of those too 🙂

    spammer letter
    I’m getting in touch with you because I came across your blog during my research on my project relating to ecology and how research in ecology from higher education institutions is tackling problems such as population issues, climate change, and food crises. Specifically, I’ve written on the variety of issues relating to research in PhD programs today.

    My resource has been referred to by prominent organizations such as Columbia University and other prominent websites. I’d be very interested in writing a guest article on your blog relating to one of the many areas of pertinent research in ecology today such as conservation biology, wetland management, or urban ecology. What do you think?


    Sofia Rasmussen