I’m a believer in less is more in all aspects of life and business. Thus, I’ve slowly been shedding my material possessions, one by one. Before I left for SE Asia in late December, I got rid of a vacuum, my bedroom set, a foreman grill and my DVDs (all to my sister and her husband). A bunch of my clothes went to Goodwill or straight to the trash.

Speaking of owning less, I now have one less item to my name — my 2004 Honda Civic. I loved that car and drove it all over the Western US over the past few years. It served me well for the past 5 years. That said, it doesn’t do much good sitting at my parents house gathering dust back in the states while I’m over in Southeast Asia.

It’s a weight off my shoulders to now have my most valuable possession (monetarily) off my mind. As far as I’m concerned, my most valuable possessions are my friendships and experiences. Cars will come and go, but relationships and experiences are truly valuable.

Now, if only most of the money from my car didn’t have to go toward paying my taxes…