Matt Cutts is doing a 30 day no news challenge in March.

I don’t think of it as a challenge, but it seems I’ve been on a “no news” spree for the past 2 years since I started living a more nomadic life away from the traditional corporate world. I’m seemingly always in the dark of world news. But if something is truly import? Someone on Twitter, Facebook, or in real life will inevitably tell me about it. And that’s fine by me — better than wasting so much time reading the endless news that I can do nothing about. As Matt says,

lots of news is sensationalized or depressing, you can’t do much about it anyway, and it takes up a fair amount of your mental cycles.

I think “no news” is a big win in terms of mental cycles to spend on things that matter.

  • +1. The news is overwhelmingly negative and feeds into our culture of fear. You may be slightly better informed on current events (though subject to the biases of whoever’s presenting them) but at a great cost in personal time and added stress.

    Aside from it’s comedic value, I have no interest in learning what Rick Santorum said yesterday. The problem with the news (for me) is that almost none of the information is actionable. And like you said, if something is really important, you’ll inevitably hear about it through other channels.

  • yea…i really hate the culture of fear that our country lives in. It’s pathetic.

  • This is an excellent counter to the negativity:

  • Good view..