You want to redesign your WordPress blog/website and don’t know what it’ll cost you? Below is what I can tell you from my experience.

Before we start, note the cost of redesigning a WordPress site will vary depending on a few things – namely the complexity of your website and how much of the work you plan to do (which is partly dependent on your technical knowledge).

Design work ONLY

For just graphic design work, which is generally a design for the home page + one interior page, you can expect to pay anywhere from $400 all the way up to to several thousand, depending on the designer you hire. Some designers will wireframe your website for you as well (not the $400 designers), but if not, you will have to provide a wireframe to your designer to work from. Your end result for design only work will be a .PNG or .PSD file.

Coding ONLY

Once you have a design file, the cost to turn a finished design into a basic WordPress theme varies quite a bit. At the low end, you can get someone overseas or just learning to code for as little as a couple hundred. More common is $500-$700 for a decent developer that has coded wp themes before. As I mentioned above, the cost will be more for a complex site that includes ecommerce, custom post types, differing page layouts, or other advanced functionality.

The costs above are assuming YOU act as project manager and direct both the designer and developer in the right direction — as well as find and vet them in the first place. You’ll need to wireframe the site for your designer unless you are paying your graphic designer to do that for you. Project management also involves answering functionality questions from the developer, might include evaluating plugins for use on the site, setting up an FTP account, and identifying software bugs for the developer to fix.

The Whole Sha-bang: Design + Coding + Project Management

Add an experienced project manager to the equation, and you’re looking at doubling the cost at a minimum — and that’s if they are willing to pick up a random side project and work with the designer and developer you’ve found. An established design or development firm that handles the entire process end to end will typically charge at least 3x the hard cost to cover overhead, cost of client acquisition, pay an experienced project manager and doing the wireframing. Freelancers who don’t have a full team behind them may charge less. The upside to having a project manager? This project will get moved through the pipeline quickly and you won’t have to worry about anything technical; you just provide your feedback and they handle the rest. If you’re wondering what the process for a custom website design/redesign entails, here’s an overview.

Hope that’s helpful. If you have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or contact us.

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