Via Fred Wilson, a quote from a media outlet that emailed him:

I was just talking to my boss about New York’s tech scene and the types of stories I should go after. He wants me to get a little personal like digging into how founders and investors are actually using all this money flowing into the city. But beyond the typical, there must be some stories that have gone unreported or overlooked. Like maybe there’s a new Brookly luxury bulding where 10 startup founders all bought homes, or there’s a restaurant that all the tech geeks in the city go to to close their deals. Or there is a tailor from France who makes all the suits for the city’s tech entrepreneurs. I am not saying any of these are THE story, but it’s just the type of story I would love to tell.

Are you kidding me? Of all the people to send THIS email to, this reporter/researcher emails Fred? Next time, do your research. This reporter is lucky — if Fred had quoted his/her name, they’d probably be out of a job.

The problem is all the media cares about are making headlines, not getting the real story.

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