Tonight I watched the Who Killed Chea Vichea? documentary at the opening of the Chiang Mai Documentary Arts Festival (which I heard about from Daniel Nahabedian). It’s a documentary by Bradley Cox. The backstory is outlined here, but to make a long story short – the film is about Cambodia’s former free trade union President who was murdered in broad daylight and the framing of two innocent men in a police scandal.

I just wanted to post a few very brief thoughts:

The film was really well done, and eye-opening. Even though I visited Cambodia in 2008 and again just a couple weeks ago, I had no idea of the political violence that has taken place in Cambodia since the Khmer Rouge. It’s sad that corruption is still so rampant in this world.

It’s highly unfortunate that artists like Bradley Cox aren’t making any money from their work. I’m not well versed in the film industry, but it seems that for documentaries like this to continue to be produced, there is going to have to be some alternate funding from a large non profit organization or wealthy donors.

The expat community in Chiang Mai is amazing. There were upwards of 60 people (total guess) at the screening of the film. Another post to come about this topic specifically.