If you want to think a little bit today, read these two posts by Jeff Turner

In truth, I could probably share every single post Jeff Turner has ever written without feeling bad about it — every post he writes is thought provoking. And that comes back to his focus on “adding value”. He doesn’t post content just for the sake of putting up content, which is refreshing in this day and age of seemingly endless noise.

On the topic of disconnecting, I completely, 100%, utterly agree — disconnecting from social media is good, and necessary, from time to time. Vacations are good. If you work nonstop, you’ll eventually burn out — 18 hour days are not sustainable for long, extended periods of time. Which is large reason I’m choosing to live the life of a digital nomad at the moment (currently in Cambodia) rather than working 15 hours a day, 6 days a week staring a computer screen in an office somewhere in the United States. I still need to work enough to pay my bills (right now, that’s with ESM Exec Designs), but beyond that, I don’t need to make much money — and it’s liberating. At any moment, I can stop working by closing my laptop, and wander out into the great unknown called the world like I did last night to watch the sunset.

And no one can reach me via Twitter, Facebook, email, phone, or otherwise — at least while I’m disconnected. But, once the laptop opens again, I’m right back in the thick of things.

That said, I’ve certainly cut down my social media time (particularly Twitter) since I left the states — and I doubt anyone aside from a few very good friends have noticed given all the noise they see everyday. Which is fine by me.