Let’s face it. Not everyone in your life is a positive influence on you. And, in fact, some are highly negative influences. But often times people keep them in their life simply because they feel bad about weeding people out of their lives. I’ve been a fan of Amber’s writing for awhile, and I particularly agree with her thoughts on eliminating haters (among other things):

Eliminate haters. If someone is hating or bringing me down, I immediately cut them out of my life. If someone lifts me up and makes me feel alive, I bring them closer. But I never, ever, get close to those who bring me down. I cut them, wish them well, and carry on. I rarely, if ever, provide an explanation. Explaining is draining. (I went through a period where I was obsessed with explaining and trying to help people understand where I was coming from. I thought it was the good and honest thing to do. In the end, this exhausted me and them.) Letting go and moving on is one of the most important rules I’ve implemented in my life.

  • My Baby Brother is growing up! 🙂