We all know Facebook is the largest photo site on the internet. Why? Because they figured out how to tag photos with the people in those photos. The other, and next, holy grail of photos is tagging every photo with the location it was taken with. Why? Because it’s makes them infinitely more findable/browsable, and usable in other applications via an API. It gives those photos added context.

Facebook has pulled location tagging off marvelously — they’ve figured out how to suggest locations to tag photos to. Look at the following screen shot.

Clamming Oct 2007
Uploaded with Skitch!

The absolute genius move they made? It’s ONE CLICK to say either yes or no to tag an entire album with their suggested location. Their suggestions aren’t always right, but as more people answer yes/no…their suggestion tool will get better and better by the day.

Brilliant. Well done, Facebook. Well done.