Damn, I’ve missed 4 days of my 5 money making ideas a day — just goes to show you the challenge with pumping out blog posts every single day. Anyway, here is volume 5:

  1. Start a hostel in Hong Kong (the hostel I stayed at in Hong Kong a few years ago was the worst one I’ve ever been to)
  2. Hostel membership group – backpackers pay $30/mo for discounts to all hostels that are members. Paying for 4 hostels a month should equal the monthly membership fee. Hostels pay some small fee per month to be a member of the network. Come up with a formula for how many hostels per city to allow to join. Maybe make it by-product of how many overall members have stayed in the city or something.
  3. The world is increasingly moving to a point where everyone is their own business — be a personal coach, and offer them online marketing services to help them figure out how to stand out from the crowd
  4. Run a beach bar on an island somewhere. Santorini? Koh Phi Phi? St John?
  5. Start a blog/website about how to make money online. On 2nd thought, scratch that..there are already thousands of sites out there trying to show people how to make money online. But it’s still an idea for today.

  • I like your optimism but your ideas need finance better to try Affiliate marketing, it’s still the cheapest and best way to start earning online.