1. A Transformers website — sell collectibles to collectors, and throw up some adsense. THIS looks like it was built in the late 1990’s.
  2. A daily video (3 minutes or less) where people can pay me $25 to say anything they want me to…within reason of course. But that’s only $25 x 30 = $750 a month. Damn. @davidgibbons has to get at least partial credit for this idea.
  3. Build the best damn travel blog for gen x & y on planet earth. And say hello (aka “OH HEY”) to everyone.
  4. Build and design executive blogs. I guess I’ve kinda already done that. But there’s always the possibility of doing more amazing sites.
  5. Sell my soul? No, on 2nd thought, bad idea.

3 days down. 362 days to go. I’m going to have to get creative if I want to make it al the way through a year of this. Not sure what I got myself into.