For those looking to get into the microfinance world, Citi has a program manager, VP-level, opening in Miami worth taking a look at.

From their website:

Location: Miami, FL, US
-This VP position is an officer-level, strategic position responsible for creating, planning, coordinating, and disseminating a microfinance project and/or initiative

– This position must ensure management that all appropriate constituencies are adequately informed of the benefits provided by the implementation of such project

-The VP conducts field training, MIS analyses, makes recommendations to all levels of business management of gaps in strategies, processes or progress in such projects or initiatives, and documents emerging media coverage

-The VP must possess an understanding of Citi technology systems and vendor relationships

-Provides innovative perspective on targeted programs surrounding the product to senior management

-Manages product development and/or management lifecycle for products

-Identifies business opportunity and plays an active role in developing the appropriate integrated products for businesses to meet the target population

-Researches new and/or existing products, product enhancements, and product redesign that align the product development function with the goals of the organization

-Integrates in-depth industry and competitor learnings

-Develops the value propositions, including profitability analysis for all new and/or existing products

-Responsible for coordinating the roll out of new targeted programs and providing training for field for scalable implementation


-Manages US Citi Microfinance asset building products (savings and credit) and designated clients, including project timelines, work plans, testing, resources, training and documentation of procedures and results

-Plans, coordinates, and disseminates accurate, timely information to internal and external constituencies such as Citi’s Microfinance business partners and our external strategic Microfinance institutional project partners for such projects

-Anticipates and alerts Citi Microfinance management of implications of policies, developments, and current events, and makes recommendations on changes necessary to ensure successful programs

-Coordinates and implements communication strategies for key issues and initiatives of the US Citi Microfinance team

-Assists Citi businesses in developing and disseminating appropriate collateral and marketing materials to support targeted programs

-Coordinates Citi Microfinance US events, presentations, and conferences involving external executives from various microfinance organizations and agencies and Citi Senior Management Executives

-Works with the technology and website development teams to manage and oversee the system development process including systems, technical design, coding, testing, and turnover to live production of application

-Assists the Global Director in the global media relations strategy in order to ensure that Citi Microfinance messages and images are appropriately conveyed to the public; establishes and maintains diplomatic relations with the internal media groups, and serves as the point of contact for questions concerning media issues; monitors and analyzes media coverage of Citi Microfinance

-Partners with technology, communications, product and web development teams to provide day-to- day support in maintaining the network information systems, platforms and internal/external websites


-Excellent written and verbal communication skills

-Excellent time management and organizational skills

-Strong project planning and project management skills

-Proficiency with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, SharePoint and other data management and presentation applications

-Ability to handle multiple tasks covering multiple projects with varying delivery dates required

-Strong analytical skills


-College degree (B.A. or B.S.) or equivalent experience

-3-6 years experience in banking, operations and/or project management

-Demonstrated experience/interest in microfinance

-Past track record of being able to work on teams, with teams and independently with minimal supervision; work long hours, deliver a product on time, on budget and with sensitivity to the subject matter; extensive initiative, creativity and independent judgment; collaboration on complex issues, and strong leadership skills


-Broad strategic experience developing and coordinating projects and media relations in a conglomerate; exceptional communication skills; strong conceptual, analytical, leadership, and project management skills; ability to collaborate with diverse and competing interests; working knowledge of Citi businesses systems and operations; knowledge of microfinance concepts and programs.


-Interact with senior executives; develop comprehensive communication strategies; prepare executive level reports and correspondence; maintain tact under stress; use persuasion, discretion, and independent judgment in representing Citi Microfinance to Citi global businesses.

-Work diplomatically with competing interests; apply problem solving and process improvement techniques; coordinate the efforts of others over whom one has no direct authority; conduct research; participate in and lead cross-functional project teams; meet critical deadlines.

For more info and to apply, visit the posting.

[via BrazenLife]

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