• Andrew Mattie

    You should always be cautious about speaking absolutes my friend.

    Top 10 Dumbest Tech Predictions of All Time

    You don’t want to be #11 🙂

    Given a modicum of thought, nearly anything can be summed up in three sentences or less. With up to 25% +/- of Googler’s salaries being determined by the success of this project, and with as many smart people as there are working at Google, I think it’s very possible that this thing could have some legs.

    BTW, I don’t think your blog is sending out followup comment emails.

  • There are lots of things wrong with this little baby of a blog of mine…i’m sure follow up emails are just one of them.

    Google+ is trying to be all things to all people…how is it going to succeed? I hope I’m proved wrong…as I do think they are trying to solve a very real problem.

  • Ok I just watched this video and thought about it some more – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwnJ5Bl4kLI&feature=youtu.be

    This is indeed a very real problem, and I applaud them for trying to solve it. If they can execute on this opportunity, AWESOME. My concern is that this won’t get the attention it deserves since it’s under the Google umbrella. Google is known for search. Nothing else.

  • Brad

    @andrew mattie: Huge difference here, there’s 10 products / services that were massive paradigm shifts that the suits just couldn’t see coming and resisted.

    The market now is very much ‘me too’, with every company jumping on the bandwagon just because that’s what shareholders want to hear. So Google goes and sort of makes Facebook. And believe me, I hate Facebook, but it’s not exactly close-minded to assert that if you can’t very EASILY explain why this service is better than Facebook or similar services that people are already using, it’s most likely going the way of Wave.

    Oh well, we’ll see. Anything to disrupt or bring down the moldy virus that is Facebook.

  • Austin Calib

    Well, there are many ways facebook could “fix” this, however I do think part of the problem is that this is not a core feature they offer. So while you certainly make the current way of doing this friendlier, it will be a bit more challenging to migrate users to it in a better way without disrupting the way they post today.

    For example, if you are happy with posting to everybody, Google’s incistence of having you specify who is the target group of friends could make it confusing for a facebook user not aware of lists.

    So there’s a bit of a migration issue. Not impossible to overcome, but not trivial either. Buy Twitter Followers