I feel there’s a missed opportunity by local businesses to harness social media. It seems more and more I’m starting to see “Like Us on Facebook” and “Follow us on Facebook” at places like Quizznos. They are paying for print materials to encourage customers to engage with them via social media. But what if they went one step farther — and made it drop dead simple for customers to check in on FourSquare/Yelp/Gowalla while at the establishment? What if you could just “bump” your phone against a device that sat in local establishments right when you walked in? Or what if, when you paid for a burger at McDonald’s or a 6 inch sub at Quizznos, that your credit card was automatically synched to your FourSquare account and automatically checked you in?

Is there an app for this already I don’t know about? If not, WHY?

I’m guessing this will be included in Square at some point.

[photo via http://www.neurosoftware.ro]

  • Rob Beland

    I think that would take away from the experience…part of the process (a key part) is checking your iphone to see tips, who is the mayor, read reviews…
    If i went to a bar/restaurant and checkef in w/ my phone still in my pocket i dont think i’d be at all into it… I do see a play for businesses using QR codes to have people “scan in” and get some discount/promo…
    I think for me the actual check-in process is the whole “experience”

  • Geoff

    I rarely even see printed signs encouraging patrons to check in.

  • Rob-
    I actually hate the actual check in process. I just want to check in and be done with it.

    and I am big skeptic of QR codes 🙂
    why wouldn’t someone just check in and receive the discount automatically when they did that?

  • My feeling is that the whole point of Foursquare is the check-in process. I don’t think the service was created to be on auto-pilot. It’s a social APP. You look at your iPhone or your Droid and see what tips were left by others, who is the mayor, etc…Why would somebody even be on Foursquare if there was no desire to go through the check-in process?

    As far as QR Codes, I’m a skeptic as well but I see the potential for a bar that uses QR codes that would be scanned upon arrival and maybe that person gets a free drink. It gets people into the bar and creates a buzz, etc…

    It’s an interesting topic…

  • Here’s why I use FourSquare – http://virtualresults.net/foursquare/