Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. And Daniel Rothamel is a friend of mine, so I’m biased.

After today’s events, The Lones Group are no longer going to own their own search results. Just minutes after publishing this post on The Lones Group on the Virtual Results Blog, it already ranks number 4! I bet it’ll be number 1 soon.

lones group - Google Search
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Update: I was browsing signed into Google. When I signed out, the Virtual Results post is on the bottom of page 1. Still, fairly impressive.

  • I agree there is value with SEO… but why should anyone be attached to this?

  • Hey Rhonda-
    I agree. There is value in SEO, but this was kinda a stupid post. The point was that a company can destroy their reputation in minutes while it takes years to build it. They should have thought this one through more.

    This post came from me wanting to stick up for a friend who I believe is truly one of the good people in the industry. If raising public attention to this issue results in the case getting dropped and saving Daniel some money, then I’m okay with that. But you’re right – there’s little point in doing this purely to prove SEO tactics.

  • I was being a little sarcastic, Drew 🙂 From what I see, Denise Lones probably hasn’t thought this out very far and may not have a clue about SEO (or how it really works).