What, what a video I just found while going through my Google Reader (yes, I still use that every now and then) — and it’s no surprise I found it on the Causemopolitan, the blog my good friend Sloane Berrent runs. The video is Kevin Spacey answering the question of how someone can appreciate the early years leading up to the “ultimate prize”. Particularly if you are young and don’t have clear direction in your life, this is a must watch.

To want, and to be ambitious, and to want to be successful. Is not enough — that’s just desire.

There are still way too many people in this world that don’t understand “WHY”. Why do you do what you do with your life? Like – REALLY. Many people spend years and years doing things they hate for the “ultimate prize”. They think the money they earn now will make them happy in 20 years. Don’t wander around aimlessly for the rest of your life doing what others tell you to do to reach some crazy prize in 20-30 years. Is 20 years of misery worth the chance at being happy in 20 years? Do something meaningful, do something you WANT to do, and do that something NOW. Know what you want in life, and go do it. You’ll be a happier person — now and in the future — as a result.

I’ll end this with the same phrase Sloane ended her post with — There is no prize out there. There is only the prize within.

Thank you Sloane for sharing.