Apparently Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are trying to re-open their lawsuit with Facebook that they had settled out of court for $65 million because Facebook didn’t fight fair:

“The principle is that they didn’t fight fair,” said Tyler Winklevoss during an interview at a pub here recently. “The principle is that Mark stole the idea.”

Dear Tyler and Cameron:
The fact of the matter is that ideas are not worth a penny without execution. Zuckerberg executed on his idea; you didn’t. End of story. Get over it & be happy you got $65 million for failing.

  • Dear Drew

    Dear Drew,

    Its hard to execute when someone defrauds you. Do your homework.

  • I’m not saying I know all the facts of this case. I just know that I’ve had conversations with numerous “my ideas are so great” entrepreneurs who try to be secretive about their next idea — unfortunately, the vast vast majority of them never execute on their ideas, only to get pissed off when someone else “steals their idea” and makes a killing in the process. If you have a good idea, there are undoubtedly at least 10 other people (and probably more) working on that same idea right now. If there aren’t, then chances are good it’s actually a crappy idea.

    Ideas are not unique and I’m sick of hearing that they are. Business is about execution. End of story.