Published Date: December 22, 2010

It’s officially on the calendar – RE BarCamp 2011 is taking place March 3. For those of you who haven’t experienced a RE BarCamp yet and don’t know what it is, go here.

What: RE BarCamp Seattle 2011
When: Thursday, March 3, 2011 starting at 8:00am
Where: Seattle Center Northwest Rooms, 305 Harrison Street, Seattle, WA

Here is the Facebook invite or you can head over to the website for more information.

I’m not 100% certain I’ll be able to make it to this year’s Seattle RE BarCamp since I still haven’t figured out where I’ll be living in March, but I’m about 95% sure I’ll make this event no matter where in the country I’m living at the time.

Hope to see you there!!