As some of you may already know, I’m headed to Ghana for a month with my buddy Dan to volunteer for Lumana Credit after our current month long stint in Kenya – which I still can’t believe is ending in just over a week on October 23rd. I’m also beyond thrilled that my friend Sloane Berrent and her boyfriend Taylor Davidson have decided to make the transatlantic trek to Ghana November 8th until the 20th. I first came across Sloane back in 2008 via the Kiva Fellows Blog & The Causemopolitan while she was a Kiva Fellow living in the Philippines, and finally met in person last fall at the Seattle stop on her Cause It’s My Birthday fundraising campaign. Ever since I’ve known Sloane, helping others has been a recurring theme during all our interactions, which is why it’s no surprise Sloane and Taylor are in the process of coordinating a few malaria net drops with local charities that they hope to complete on the 9th and 10th of November; and of course I’m planning to tag along. After that, tentatively set for November 11th, we’re looking to organize a day of “tech visits” in or near Accra.

I’m always looking to make the most of my travels, and certainly my trip to Ghana is no different – and here’s where I’m going to ask for your help to maximize the chances I’ll get a real flavor of what everyday life is like in Ghana. If you can help with any of the following three items, I’d really appreciate it:

  • People to connect with — Are there people in Ghana – whether they be techies, social entrepreneurs, or just amazing individuals passionate about what they do — that are “must meets” while we’re there? If so, I would love an introduction to see if we can coordinate something with them.
  • Connections at technology companies based in or near Accra – As I mentioned, on the November 11th, we’re looking to organize a few “tech visits” in Accra. I’ve already contacted Ben Cole at Google and we are tentatively planning to swing by the Google office around 12 or 1. Aside from that, we’re looking for a couple other companies to visit in order to get an accurate feel for the local tech environment.
  • Of course, you all know I’m a huge microfinance advocate (just look at if not) – so if you know anyone in the microfinance industry in Ghana, please let me know in the comments or with an email to meyers (dot) drew at gmail.

I’m stoked for this trip already, and if we can meet a few more locals to give us a better feel for the country as a whole then it’ll be that much better!! Thanks for your help in advance.