I’ve been told a number of times that I know myself very well – and I agree. I know my strengths, weaknesses like the back of my hand, and am constantly thinking about how to improve myself. As a result, I don’t take offense when someone tells me something less than flattering about myself, for instance, that I’m not the greatest public speaker the world’s ever seen — I already know that and am striving to improve it (though I’ll admit I’m getting out of practice on that specific example since I’ve started traveling). Practice, and passion, makes perfect — and I’ll get there. Instead, I know in my heart it’ll make me work that much harder to prove them wrong in the long run. Public speaking is not the only example of a weakness of mine (I wish!), just one that’s easy to highlight. Another one is that, in the business world, it’s not always a good thing to wear your passions on your sleeve – I’ve gotten into trouble a few times for being too open about what I think.

I was just reading Fred Wilson’s post on Aging (by the way, Happy Birthday Fred) and I can tell by his writing he knows himself very well; not everyone is like that unfortunately.

Expressing yourself through writing forces you to get to know yourself better — so I ask, are bloggers/writers more “self aware” than others? Don’t get my wrong, I’m not saying that those who don’t write are not self aware — just that self awareness seems to be a common trait I see in other bloggers I follow. Or maybe I purposely follow those who do have a high level of self awareness, I don’t know. I’m curious of your thoughts on the topic.