I would absolutely LOVE IT if someone would build an application that put all my Facebook status updates since I joined the site in the beginning (2004-ish?) into an audio file I could listen to. The format would be super simple:

“Date, Time, [Facebook status update]”

Repeat thousands and thousands of times.

Maybe really spice it up by adding the comment thread on each status update to the audio file.

I’m guessing Facebook itself is the only company that could actually build this since they have access to all the historical data. If someone – whether it be Facebook or another company — built this, I would absolutely be willing to spend some money for it. Alternatively, I could simply go through the tedious tedious process of reading all my Facebook status updates for the past 6 years — but that would take ages and ages and doesn’t sound like very much fun. Somehow, repeatedly hitting “Older Posts” at the bottom of my profile page and waiting for them to load doesn’t sound like a fun Saturday.

Any takers?