In the event you couldn’t tell, I’ve been enjoying traveling. A lot — and I intend to keep it going for awhile with my buddy Dan from high school (he runs Where am I off to next you might wonder?

I’ll be here in Santorini until August 5th when I fly up to London for a few days. After London, it’s on to explore Dublin for a week and then jetting down to Spain sometime between the 16th-19th of August with stop number 1 likely being Valencia for the La Tomatina festival in Bunol (45 minutes outside of Valencia). I just found out the other day that one of my good college friends will be teaching in Madrid for a year so will probably spend a bit of time there and maybe pop over to Barcelona for a bit.

After a month in Spain, my buddy and I are meeting up again (he’ll be in Austria until Sept 20th) and planning to fly down to Kenya for a month long stay. In Kenya, I plan to see Rocky’s orphanage funded by Mothers Fighting for Others and volunteer for a week, spend a bit of time in Nairobi for Kito International, visit Mombasa, and maybe volunteer for a bit for Nuru International. Exact plans are still a little bit in limbo, but coming together slowely but surely. After Kenya, it’s on to Ghana for another month. There, I’m planning to volunteer with Lumana Credit — an organization that is run by my friend Sammie Rayner (a UW grad). To round out our Africa adventures, we’re planning to head down to South Africa for a few weeks and spend some of that time with my former boss David Gibbons!

That puts us near the end of December. After that, we tentatively want to go hang out in Istanbul for a month and then head east to Southeast asia for a few months. But we’ll see what happens as we get closer to the end of our adventures in Africa – it seems every day there is a new country we want to go visit, so plans could change.

If anyone wants to visit any of those places, by all means, let me know! Visitors are certainly welcome anywhere along our journey.

  • Drew- Kenya is great. Even Nai-Robbery is ok if you know how to handle it.

    My tips – get away from the airport as soon as possible. Watch out for all sorts of scam artists.

    A little bit of Swahili goes a long long way. No tourists bother to learn any, so folks figure you’re not so fresh off the boat.

    My home in Nairobi off and on for 6 weeks was the hotel attached to “Buffalo Bills cafe”. My brother was there for 4 months. It’s just seedy enough to make it affordable and they took good care of us.

    If you have time and warm clothes, take a trek to Mt. Kenya. The trekking peaks are very cool and not technical. Hiring a guide and/ or porters is in expensive and makes it quite enjoyable.

    I thought that going on safari would be “too touristy” but it’s still an amazing experience. Well worth the time and money.

    My brother brother did his Watson fellowship in Kenyan, Ghana and S. Africa so if you need NGO contacts he might be able to help. Let me know.

  • Staci

    How exactly are you funding all this and how can I get on board?

  • I’m working virtually for YouReach Media and Virtual Results, and doing some consulting on the side.

    On a serious note…you can begin writing for Oh Hey World — and hope I can pay you when I start making some money on it 🙂

  • Sarah Mann

    Drew– love hearing about your adventures! Glad you are doing well and so much good it sounds like.

  • Sounds like a dream I wish I had!!! Have the time of your life and if you can hike to Uhuru Peak at the top of the tallest free-standing mountain in the world, do it! Kilimanjaro is the bomb!

  • Bob-
    Yea, we’re definitely going to try to hike Kilimanjaro – it’s high on our list for Kenya!

    I appreciate the comment. If your bother has a good contact or organization that he definitely thinks would be worth visiting, let me know. Would love to meet some more locals!

    Long time not talk, hope all is well with you! I miss our days working together at the big Z!

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