I’ve hinted at the fact that I was working on something in the travel vertical — and I’m excited to unveil the 1st iteration of that project — Oh Hey World. Its my latest project in another vertical that I’m extremely passionate about — travel, and more specifically, the backpacking niche of travel. Oh Hey World is starting out as a multi-author blog dedicated to backpacking and travel for Generation X & Y. There’s certainly more of a core feature that is in the works, but I’ll wait to share further details until I have something to show. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now, and now that I’m pretty much permanently on the travel trail — at least for the forseeable future — there is certainly no reason to wait any longer. I’m lucky to find a business partner and close friend in Andrew Mattie, who I’ve known for several years and some of you may know through his work at Diverse Solutions, to handle all the technology so I can focus on the business side of the equation. Head over and read my first post for more info!

I’m excited to connect with some fellow backpacker-bloggers over the course of the next few years as Andrew and I build this site out!