From ESPN:

This exciting new app will allow fans to commemorate their at-the-game experiences by creating a scrapbook of memories with features like a virtual ticket stub.  Users will be able to keep a record of the games they attended, where they sat and upload mobile photos to share with friends via social media platforms like Facebook.  With GPS location verification, fans can “check-in” and confirm their attendance, which will in turn allow ESPN to aggregate that user-generated content and feature the story of the game from the fan’s perspective on

Umm, brilliant move for ESPN in my opinion. Now, if they only figure out a way to get all the wireless network providers to play ball. I’ve been at sports games both at Qwest Field and at FedEx Field in DC where it’s taken me until midway into the 2nd half before AT&T let me upload a single photo that I’d taken with my iPhone. It’s obviously going to be a problem if no one can check in at sports events using their mobile phones.

[via BlackWeb20]