Published Date: May 22, 2010

After stopping in San Francisco for Bay to Breakers last weekend (which was absolutely awesome), Brooke and I begun our journey to Greece bright and early Monday morning. Roughly 24 hours later, we touched down in Athens. Definitely the longest travel day I’ve ever done – San Fran to Chicago to Philly to Frankfurt to Athens. We proceeded to our hostel in Athens and met up with my high school buddy Dan Nelson, who now runs On the subway en route to the port, three locals tried to pickpocket us by crowding around us and pushing us into other people, but we came out of with everything. So the stories about Athens pickpocketers are very much true.

Upon arriving on Santorini, we met two other friends at the Youth Hostel Anna in Perissa Beach. We spent the first two days wandering around the Perissa Beach area looking for rooms to rent for the summer. After asking around and looking at a few places, we ended up with 3 double rooms in the same building between the 5 of us at a reasonable price point. 900 Euro a month for all three rooms. I was budgeting to pay 600-ish a month just for me, so this is way cheaper than that.

Dan and I have found a sweet bar with wifi right near our apartment (I just posted a short video on Facebook if you want to see it) to post up at everyday with our laptops. I was somewhat off the radar for a week, but now I’m settled and getting into the island daily routine. Even though I’m on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean, I think it’s actually going to be a very productive summer work-wise for me.