What an awesome last month and a half it’s been on the road. It was great to get away from Seattle for awhile. My journey took me from Seattle to Portland to Homboldt Country to San Francisco to Laguna Beach to Phoenix to Austin to Phoenix to Laguna Beach to Phoenix to Denver and finally back to Seattle. 8,000 miles later I’m grounded, though only for two days since I leave for Tokyo/Seoul tomorrow for two weeks.

Over the course of the month and a half I was traveling the US, I got to spend time with so many fantastic people from the real estate industry. I had to chance to stop by MRealty’s Portland office and say hi to Jeff, Haley, and Garron. Met Dale Chumbley for a Tweetup. While in Austin for over a week, I got to know Eric Bramlett, who has been a contributor on Geek Estate Blog for over a year but we had never even talked on the phone prior to this trip. I got to meet D’Ann Faught at RE BarCamp Austin and spent a bit of time with Krisstina Wise and Jack Miller at the GoodLifeTeam’s offices. Spoke with Benn and Lani at #sxsw. Stacey Harmon and I got to spend a bunch of time talking shop while I was in Southern California and on our drive from LA to Phoenix for RE BarCamp Phoenix. I got to see Linsey Planeta and the new M Realty office in the OC. Spent time at Diverse Solutions‘ new offices and hung with Robert Luna, Andrew Mattie, Jon Mabe, and Justin LaJoie. Had lunch with Devesh. Though it was brief, I even had the chance to visit with Kris Berg down in San Diego. In Pheonix, I hung with Jay Thompson, Nick Bastian, and Justin McHood at #RETT. At Re BarCamp Phoenix, Rocky and Jeff made an appearance and raised money for Mothers Fighting for Others. I saw Bill Lublin, met Melissa DelGaudio, and spent time with Jason Berman and talked microfinance (among other things). In Denver, I saw Todd Carpenter, Matt Goyer, Eric Stegemann, and Jeff Corbett (among others). I saw my former boss David Gibbons in Phoenix and my boss’ boss Spencer Rascoff in San Diego. And of course, I spent a bit of time at the #markshack hanging (and working) with Jim Marks along with Jesse and Nicole from the YouReach Media team. I got to see a few of my non real estate friends as well, but I won’t name them since their whole lives aren’t public (yet) like mine is. Sorry to everyone I didn’t name — there were way too many people, but I tried to list as many as possible.

It goes without saying that I feel incredibly fortunate to have such a broad and fantastic group of people in my life across the country. And thank you to everyone who I crashed with on the trip for the accomodations – my bank account certainly appreciates free places to stay 🙂

I’m off to Asia tomorrow, but I’ll try to post an update or two while I’m over there. At the least, I’ll be updating my Facebook status — so follow along there if you get bored waiting for updates here.

  • Was *great* to see you in Phoenix (and Denver) Drew! Enjoy Asia! Safe travels.

  • So glad I was able to see you as you head out into your international journey. Can’t wait to go along with you (albeit vicariously through your pics). Be safe and we’ll look forward to seeing you again soon.

  • No problem. The conversations are always worth it.

  • Drew, it was great to see you in Phoenix but it has also been cool to watch your travels.
    Thanks for all of the help and good conversations at #RETT!

  • Was *great* to see you in Phoenix (and Denver) Drew! Enjoy Asia! Safe travels.

  • Drew, really enjoyed getting to finally meet you and spend time chatting. Your depth of knowledge regarding micro-finance (and other things) was fascinating. I’m definitely interested in exploring it more after speaking with you. Hope you have a great time in Greece. Look forward to wild tales & many pictures. ~ JB

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