So I’ve now hit Portland, Arcada, San Francisco, Laguna Beach, Phoenix, and Austin since I left Seattle at the beginning of the month. I’ve been in Austin since last Wednesday (the 1st 5 days in a hotel and the last 4 with Eric Bramlett) and have had an absolute blast. The #SXSW scene here is incredible; so many different people converging in one place to share ideas, crazy concepts, food, music, and of course drinks. As you probably know, I’m relocating somewhere after my travels. If Austin was closer to an ocean and wasn’t surrounded by the rest of Texas, I’d strongly consider moving here.

Next up — heading back toward Phoenix on Saturday or Sunday to hang out for a few days (hope it’s sunny this time around). Then back to Laguna Beach for a bit, and hitting Phoenix and Denver on my way back home to Seattle in mid April. Then flying to Tokyo and Seoul for a couple weeks!!