We all know the United States is beyond addicted to oil; that’s a known fact. However, who benefits the most from that addiction? BusinessPundit has an article I wanted to highlight here (The Unquenchable Thirst: Taxing America’s Oil Addiction) that says:

The government profits even more from our oil addiction than the super-rich oil companies do.

Here’s the visual:

Honestly, we need to SOMEHOW cut this addiction. The world’s oil supply won’t last forever.

  • Drew- Yes it will last forever. You just won’t like the price and governments will not like the depletion of tax revenues that accompany a reduction in volume sold. The real addiction that must be addressed is government addiction to caving in to union labor which is bankrupting CA, and has already put MI into zombie status with other social unionist states soon to follow. As a Houston, Texas REALTOR(that is the big green state in the lower center in your map) I think we will start to see a mass emigration out of those red states. Not a bad thing.

  • Will certainly be interesting to see how this plays out over the next decade…