Twitter creator Jack Dorsey’s newest start up — Squareis now in private BETA. It allows vendors to accept credit card payments with a tiny device that connects to iPhone/iTouch (other mobile devices are in the works).

I think this will change the credit card game for small business owners. For instance, in some shops down where my dad lives (Ocean Park, WA) they still don’t accept credit cards due to the transaction fees that go with them. I don’t know the specifics of what it will cost to get set up with Square, but I can only imagine it will be a better deal for small business owners than VISA/Mastercard. Imagine if this device seamlessly hooked up to an accounting and invoicing system with a Salesforce-like business model. Now that would be cool (and I’m guessing it will happen eventually).

  • Hi Matt,

    I’d totally be interested in this. The transaction fees I pay in order to accept credit cards are worth it for what I do…when a loan originator or Realtor has prepaid they are more likely to show up for class 🙂

    I’m fast realizing that all my blogs need to be configured for mobile devices including being able to do student registrations this way. Pls keep us posted!

  • You mean “Hi Drew”, right? 🙂