I really, really, really hate SPAM. Here are my last five @ replies on Twitter:


Now, I’m a big fan of Steve Jagger and just discovered Philanthropedia yesterday (and tweeted about it), but the other three? Pure and blatant SPAM.

I wonder if Dr Roger Smith (I no-followed that link) even realizes he’s damaging his reputation by engaging in social media in this fashion?

  • Nice post, Drew.

    Irrespective of the medium, relevance is what engages people. This is why the investment in Social Media is low in monetary terms, but high in time. You need to invest in the time to engage people in ways relevant to them (I’ve heard some call it the platinum rule).

    Just like the mail I get from DirectTV, CapitalOne and that company who wants to sell the timeshare I don’t own, I soon associate their brand with my recycle bin. And agents beware, they are not any less vulnerable to being perceived in the same way, online or off.

  • Couldn’t agree more Rich.