Dear Rob, Patrick, and Pierre

Congrats to your beloved Yankees for winning the 2009 World Series over the Phillies. I’ll admit they were the better team and deserved to win. I can say our Twitter conversations and constant heckling over the past week or so made the series more fun to follow!

BUT…do I still hate the Yankees?


Will I still hate the Yankees 10 years from now?


To Sue, Stephen, Jim, and all the Phillies (or mainly just ANTI-YANKEES) fans that chimed in – thank you!

  • Jim Cronin

    Um…. Yankees suck!

  • Classy of you to do a congratulatory post!

    I’m happy for the friends of mine who LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Yankees (including my brother).But for me, the Yankees pretty much sum up what’s wrong with baseball today. As I usually say, my favorite team is any team who beats the Yankees! There’s always next year. Hopefully it a whole new ballgame.