Over a million people are killed by malaria EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Think about that for a minute, and watch the video below.

Netting Nations PSA – Nets Save Lives! from Netting Nations on Vimeo.

The sad thing is combating malaria can be so simple. Bed nets, which cost about $5 per net.

For those in the Seattle area, there is an event October 7th at Copper Cart Cafe in Belltown that you should attend to help us raise money to buy malaria nets. It’s part of a 7 day, 7 city tour across the US organized by Sloane Berrent and Doug Campbell. The 7 cities are:

You can get all the details at Causeitsmybirthday.com. Please help us save lives by donating as much as you can, even if you cannot attend any of the events. If you can’t donate, please consider helping by spreading the word to your personal networks via Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, or — yes — even e-mail! Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Note: Sorry for the somewhat short post — I would write more and explain my interest in this event further, but I’m in Prague and not in the mood to spend a few hours behind the keyboard. The important thing to note is that malaria is a cause worth caring about and you can help combat it with as little as $5.